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A few times every year we have the opportunity to travel together, organized by the best travel agency of the given target country, where our small group is accompanied by a professional, English-speaking tour guide and a driver, who are available to us all day. I join the group as a passenger and contribute to the trips what I have seen, experienced and lived through in the given country, for example, gastronomic experience every day at special local restaurants and local families that we would probably not find on our own for the first time, sights that are popular with the local people but would be left out from the standard sight-seeing tours, the best massage services, the best shopping opportunities, night markets, shops selling specialties and many other things that I discovered earlier. I have been to the places that we can visit together at least fifteen times, they are my worldwide favourites, I love them, they are like home away from home to me, and I have also found many friends there through the long years.

This is a special way of travel, it is not like discovering unknown places either on our own or with a group.

Travel with us and see through the eyes of the local people. You will surely get a unique experience!


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