The WTM USA Inc. travel consultancy share company was founded in 2019 as a successor of World Travel Master travel consultancy limited liability company, unique in Europe. Compared to its predecessor, it offers a wider range of customized services, by which any customer who places their trust in our company will become much more confident and prepared in evolving from a tourist into a traveler, and all this through the use of services offering the best value for money

Zsolt Jurák, founding president of the company, is a devoted traveler himself: in the past 40 years he has visited almost 120 countries, most of which on 5 to 10-15 occasions, in order to gain a wide-ranged, in-depth knowledge of them, which, in turn, would enable him to support travelers with all-inclusive offers and personal experience.

Zsolt has given up 20 years of successful career at Mars Inc., in order to make his dream come true by creating a professional consultant agency of a worldwide unique niveau. The portfolio of the company also contains thematic package offers, by which customers can learn everything about their destination, see all the local sights and landmarks that are worth checking out, eat at the best local restaurants of the region, and try the characteristic local services not necessarily at the most popular places but where they are offered in the best quality.

He is Zsolt Jurák

Zsolt was one of the first to participate in the International Ayurveda Ambassadors’ Tour, launched in 2019 in Kerala by the Indian Ministry of Tourism and the Ayurveda Promotional Society. This experience enhanced his devotion to this ancient Indian science even further. During his journey, he visited nearly 50 Ayurvedic hospitals, hotels, resorts and pharmaceutical factories, in order to be able to recommend the best ones to travelers.  Ayurveda adds years to life and life to years. It’s a thing everyone who thinks responsibly about their own life should try. Just think about it for a moment: we have our cars maintained regularly, but not ourselves...???

World Travel Master USA is committed to supporting young travelers as well. Our youngest founding member has already visited 35 countries despite their age, and they help maximize the local experience with recommendations on programs, locations and accommodation possibilities suitable for their own age group.

The main strengths of our Company is a tailored travel consulting and development of program recommendations, the ability to find the best offers, a detailed online preparation for the trip, and in case of further requests, an online assistance during the journey. 

Our employees are happy to be at your service with their wide-ranging experience and help make your business or leisure concepts come true. 

Our proven and reliable partners guarantee that you can spend your vacation in a safe, pleasant and enriching way.

Business or leisure, a weekend or a trip around the world, alone or with friends or family – we are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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