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With our up-to-date personal knowledge of 127 countries of the world, we can help you make your next trip the best one of your life. We can prove you that in implementing a perfect journey, personal experiences and valuable local connections are more useful than mere internet research.
Travel With Us Special trips for small groups, exotic experiences for all ages, everything you must see, everything the locals are proud of, awesome culinary journeys, only with us, also customized, at our favorite places which feel like home for us and which we know as well as the back of our hand! We offer an unforgettable experience for life!
Young travel

If you are interested not only in a usual sightseeing at your destination, but also in night life and local entertainment venues, this is the place for you.  Exclusive travel experiences for young people, completely tailored to your personal, financial and other needs!
Wedding and Honeymoon If you want to play safe about making one of the most important events of your life a perfect experience, but you have no idea or concept about where and when to go on honeymoon, or if you are considering a wedding abroad, feel free to contact us and make your dream come true.
Hunting opportunities

Hunt and Travel! Worldwide hunting opportunities Hungary – Slovenia – Croatia – Spain – Romania – South Africa – Zimbabwe – Namibia – Kyrgyzstan – Turkey – Russia – Argentina – Greenland We organize trips for hunters with full comfort so you only need to focus on your experience. Near-nature experience, Ibex hunting in the mountains; Buffalo, Wildebeest, Kudu hunting in South Africa; bear hunting in Romania, Moose in Russia …. deer and boar in Hungary! There is no hassle with accommodation, supplies, transfer or permits as we organize it for you.
Feedback Whoever has explored the world with our support can tell here about their experience with us.
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